Art Now

Final day!

And so we’ve arrived–it’s the final day of Art Now! We finished the program today with one of the most exciting forms of contemporary art: street art. Students began the day with a presentation about the history of street art and what the differences are between street art and graffiti. Then, students heard from a panel of actual street artists about their experiences! One panelist, Al Diaz, is a well-known, first-generation NYC subway graffiti artist that worked with Jean Michel Basquiat. The other panelist, Lizzy Schoettle, is the woman behind the iconic Phoebe image that can be found as stickers or prints throughout the city. It was a truly illuminating experience.


But it’s not enough to just hear about street art; you really have to go out and see it for yourself…and so we did just that! After lunch we took to the streets of the East Village and one of the first pieces we saw was a Phoebe sticker! It’s safe to say that many minds were blown today by these images hidden in plain sight.

Next, we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge for a stroll across the river. It was a little warm, but the cool breeze off the water made it enjoyable. After a lot of walking, the students were ready for a break in the park!

We ended our evening with a trip to Luzzo’s BK in Brooklyn for our final dinner. After pizza and pasta, laughter and sadness about leaving, we traveled back to campus and said goodbye to the day students. Tomorrow we go our separate ways, but the experiences we shared and the art we witnessed will keep us together even when we’re apart.