Art Now

FLAG Art Foundation, Chelsea Gallery Crawl

In class at Christie’s Education today, students learned about art and the law. This was at least a somewhat new topic for most of the students so there was definitely lots of learning happening!

After class, we headed to the FLAG Art Foundation in Chelsea where we viewed a variety of pieces of contemporary art in their loft space. (We got there just in time, too, as a thunderstorm rolled in minutes after we arrived!) One of the more popular installations at the FLAG Art Foundation is called Pink Project by Portia Munson. The room is completely decorated in discarded, pink objects.

Next, we took advantage of our time in Chelsea to do some gallery-hopping. Because there are so many galleries in Chelsea in such a small area, we were able to dodge most of the raindrops. All the galleries students visited were showing contemporary art, and some pieces even started a debate among students!


To round out the evening, we made the short trip to SoHo for some dinner and free time. Mother Nature was on our side again as it was dry until just before we left!

We’re getting close to the end of the program! Tomorrow is the presentation of collections, Museum of the Moving Image, Noguchi Museum, and Socrates Sculpture Park. Stay tuned.