Art Now

Livin’ the SoHo Dream!

Today students spent the day in SoHo, and this was one of the places they were most excited to visit! The morning began with a trip to the New Museum where students took a guided tour and then had some free time to further explore the museum and their favorite exhibits.        

Next, the students were on the hunt! (For art, that is.) Their final project consists of putting together a collection of 8-10 pieces centered around a certain theme. The staff at Christie’s Education came up with a list of galleries in SoHo for students to visit and find one piece from each. After lunch, they were off on their art hunt!

We ended the evening with a group dinner in SoHo at an Italian restaurant named Galli. Even our student from Italy, Martina, gave it two thumbs up!

Tomorrow, we’re off to the beach for some sweet R&R!