Welcome to Summerfuel at UC Berkeley Summer 2013

Hello Summerfuel students, staff, and families!  In less than three weeks, you’ll join 140 students from around the world on the beautiful and sprawling campus of the #1 ranked public university in the world! I’m sure most of you are feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness at the thought.  I realize that this goes for parents and families too.  But these are the mixed emotions that precede all of life’s great adventures, and trust me, you are in for a great adventure this summer.  Our accomplished team of Resident Advisors, Senior Staff, and teachers are all here to keep you safe and organize daily opportunities for learning, fun and exploration. We’re all here for one purpose, to ensure the kind of supportive environment you need to craft your own unforgettable summer at Cal Berkeley.

The At-A-Glance calendar below should be a handy way for family and friends to know what’s happening in Berkeley and around the Bay Area on any given day.  The best way to get detailed information from Berkeley is to subscribe to this blog on Google Reader or another RSS feed application.  You’ll receive an email alert every time the blog is updated with posts, photos and video from California.

I know you’ve received many materials from us about what to bring, your summer courses, dormitory life, etc.  Let me just add a few last minute words of advice:

Don’t overpack – There are plenty of shops within walking distance where you can pick up toiletry items, clothes, the forgotten pair of headphones, etc.

Clothes – Campus casual will be your daily uniform—shorts, jeans, t-shirts, athletic shoes, sandals. Days will usually be warm, but our close proximity to the San Francisco Bay often means fog and cool temperatures in the evening, so you’ll want a couple sweatshirts or sweaters.  On a few occasions, however, you’ll have a chance to dress up for dances and dinners in town, so pack one or two outfits.

Electronics – WiFi is available at UC Berkeley in most buildings, but Ethernet connections provide better access in your dormitory room. Computers, tablets and other internet-capable devices will be useful both for keeping in touch with friends and family and for your classes.  If you will be using internet on campus, don’t forget to register your computer BEFORE YOU TRAVEL by clicking on the following link: Residence Ethernet Registration    USER: Berkeley2012   PASS: Summerfuel

The Summerfuel staff and I wish you safe travels and sincerely look forward to meeting you on June 30th.  I’m excited for the summer you have ahead of you!

Carpe Aestatem!


David Allen                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Summerfuel Program Director