Anxiously awaiting students!

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Hello Summerfuel friends and family!

Our students are all arriving here at Berkeley and we could not be more excited to finally meet them. We have had a great week with the staff, getting everything prepared for the students, and we know this summer will be another smashing success. We have 13 thoughtful RAs and 5 Senior Staff members to take care of our 128 students for the four weeks they are here with us.

We are staying in the Foothill dorms on the Berkeley campus, and we are so lucky to have such amazing views of the bay and San Francisco across the bay. We have already sampled the dining hall  food and it is so delicious and the weather has been beautiful as well.

If you need to contact us, our Summerfuel office phone number is +1 (646) 468-7462. This office will be open from 8:30am-11:oopm daily, California time. Our students can also receive mail here this summer, if sent to:

                                                           STUDENT NAME

                                                            ℅ Summerfuel

                                                           Foothill Residence Halls

                                                           2700 Hearst Ave.

                                                           Berkeley, CA 94720-2292 USA

We can’t wait for it all to begin tomorrow! We know this will be the summer of their lives!


Best wishes from your Senior Staff team,

Willem, Alicia, Danny, Dave, and Shaleena