Arrivals and Day 1

27850546752_d2765f020f_o27917804256_be76fe4f70_o27850629332_94331b8ff3_oThings have been non-stop here! Yesterday we got all 127 students here with only one lost bag. You could see the excitement, but also the jetlag, on everyone’s faces. The students met their RAs that will be looking after their safety and happiness for the summer, and the groups all started to bond.

Today we played lots of icebreakers and team-building activities, as well as went on a campus tour to see some of the main sites of Berkeley. The campus is beautiful and we are lucky to spend the summer here. Later, everyone went to their first class and met one of their teachers they will have this summer. Classes were a great success, but students can change classes through Thursday if need be, and workshops through Friday. It’s really special to see all the friendships forming, and in four short weeks they will be very attached to their Summerfuel friends. But we have plenty to do before then! Plenty more updates to come soon! Greetings from California!