Summerfuel Berkeley at Six Flags!

Yesterday was a day full of fun, laughter, and excitement as the Summerfuel Berkeley program embarked on a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

The short journey to Vallejo was accompanied by beautiful views of the bay and coastal shoreline; as we made our way through the California foot hills, you could tell that the day was going to be special.

Summerfuel Students @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

As we entered the park, we were met by rollercoasters, the inviting smell of funnel cakes, and the sounds of live music. From “Medusa” to the “Joker,” Summerfuel students and staff were treated to a great experience, as many visitors rode most- if not all- of the rollercoasters at Discovery Kingdom; the fan favorite rollercoaster was the Joker!!

Three of our students preparing to ride on Medusa at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

As our day at Discovery Kingdom came to a close, the park began its fireworks display, many of us took a moment to marvel at the incredible show taking place.

Overall, Summerfuel Berkeley had a blast at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Tomorrow, we will take on downtown San Francisco!