Learning at Berkeley!

The International Law and International Human Rights classes have been presenting topics to their peers on: Bullying, Rwandan Genocide, Middle East Conflict, Feminism, Prohibition of use of Force in International Law and the Human Right to Education.

In Robotics, students were coding today and testing their robots to travel straight for 12 inches!

In International Relations students are talking about pop culture and politics in their countries as well as trying to understand why political parties/leaders would or would not do a said ‘thing’. The classroom is set up like a morning business meeting with croissants and fruit to spark the discussions.

In Psychology and Social Behaviors students are taking online tests to find subconscious bias that they may have and then studying to learn how to reverse them or make them conscious! The brain is so intriguing!!

Introduction to Architecture is finishing up their final sketches to begin building their models!

The Medical Science students traveled down to the bio-sciences library to do more research on their final project topics.