Students have been working together in groups to create a solution about climate change on Berkeley campus and how to achieve zero waste in a better way. They have went out into the community to observe and interview those around campus. Then students created a plan within their team members to present to a successful entrepreneur from the community.

The entrepreneurship students today after their presentations with guest speaker, Hap Klopp who is an author, an investor, and a serial entrepreneur who ran the North Face for 20 years as a president. We posed with him: serious, fun, and creative!

Weekend Fun

Well we sure did stay busy over the weekend! On Saturday, students went into San Francisco and explored more parts of the beautiful city: Chinatown, Twin Peaks, The Museum of Modern Art, and Union Square among other places nearby that students ventured off to. We ended our evening back on campus singing karaoke.

On Sunday students chose to either head over to the AT&T stadium to watch the San Francisco Giants take on a local Rival the Oakland A’s, (it was a beautiful day for Baseball and the weather did not disappoint), or to spend the day shopping away at the Gilroy Outlet Mall. Once students got back to campus each RA chose a favorite restaurant for students to accompany them to try!

We can not believe that we are half way through our program already – as they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun!’

Allez les bleus!

It was an early morning for us on the west coast – but we were up and cheering on both Croatia and France in the 2018 World Cup Final!

Evening Activities

On Thursday evening, our students participated in game show night! They played through several rounds of Family Fued led by RA Lizzy, and then played a few rounds of trivia (including sports triva, California trivia, and celebrity trivia) led by RA Tasha, Monica, and Daryn. A great time was had by all, and the winning team will be receiving $10 gift cards to Target!

Team RA’s … they played well but we will not tell them it wasn’t well enough to win!


Friday nights activity was a themed adventure: “Harry Potter Experience” which was so appropriate on Friday the 13th … students participated in themed snacks, games, letter writing, and finished the evening off with a viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Class at Berkeley

The Urban Planning and Design students have began their three sketches of how to develop their urban space – we are so excited to see the final plans! Take a look at all the sketches from the past few days as well as our students hard at work planning and designing – this is our future!

On Wednesday, the International Law Class took a field trip to the Chabot Space and Science center to study Space Law further that was presented to the class by Sonja the following day.

RA Night #2

Last night students hung out with the RA groups and our awesome Summerfuel Berkeley RAs for our second RA Night Activities. Take a look at what some of our groups did:

RA Jacob and his crew learned how to make pancakes and enjoyed a movie together!

RA Monica and the ladies ordered dinner in, bought a bunch of snacks (and face masks), and had a sleepover in their living room!

RA Yawo and RA Savannah joined forces with their groups and grabbed dinner to go on Euclid and Telegraph and had a movie night.

RA Tasha and her gals had an “incredible” RA night. They ate Chinese food and watched The Incredibles 2. “A huge fortune at home is not as good as money in use.”

RA Henry – “some of my students had not eaten lunch so the first stop we made was at Chipotle. Some had only had Chipotle a few times and were very excited to go there again and so we did. Afterwards we headed over to the theater and watched the movie called The First Purge. Most of the students were really looking forward to it and some were anxious because they do not usually watch suspenseful movies. At the end of the movie, most of my students were talking about how cool the movie was and that they were glad they had watched it. Then we ordered some pizza for the group before heading back to campus. On our way back to campus we ran into some students from another RA group and walked with them back to the foothill dorms. Once we were back at the foothill dorms some students played ping pong while others had pizza. One of the pizzas was a prize for a student who had won an Instagram Summerfuel picture contest. Overall we had a pretty good night and made it back before curfew with time to spare!”


Glow in the Dark Sports

Last night’s event was a huge success. Over 50 students wandered down to the North Field to participate in our glow-in-the-dark sports event. Students played friendly rounds of volleyball while we had 5 teams battling to win the title of “Dodgeball Champs”. In the final game, we had Team Lebanon competing against Team Spanish Power. For now, Spanish Power holds the title…..


What a Weekend!

On Saturday, 98 students boarded the buses and headed off to the famous Six Flags Amusement park for the day. We had beautiful sunny weather and all in all a great park adventure! On Sunday we took 92 students into San Francisco to explore the Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square area. Students had the chance to choose from three guided tours by our staff: Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, Walk Lombard street and Climb Coit Tower, or Ride a Cable Car up the hill or just venture around the area with their friends. Take a look at some of our adventures over the weekend: