Photo Scavenger Hunt

Last night the students participated in one of their last evening activities; Summerfuel Photo Scavenger Hunt.  During this activity students were divided into teams of two and three and were challenged to go out and take pictures of different landmarks around the Harvard campus and the city of Cambridge.  Landmarks included the John Harvard statue,  the door to the Harvard Lampoon, and the Harvard Cooperative society otherwise known as The Coop.  Students were also awarded extra points for bringing back items like take out menus and subway cards, otherwise known as a Charlie Card.  To give the students an extra challenge they had to find a Harvard University student and take a picture of their student id.


Picture of the John Harvard statue.

Picture of the entrance to the Harvard Lampoon.

Picture of the Harvard Coop

Tonight the Students are headed into Boston for their last Boston excursion.  It’s hard to believe how fast this month has gone by, but it has been an amazing summer.