Public Speaking and Cannons Lacrosse Game!

Yesterday was yet another awesome day at ASA Summerfuel Harvard. After morning classes, the Public Speaking class presented their final speeches to a large group of students. The topics ranged from a story about a student’s cat to why Barbie dolls are bad role models. All students did a fantastic job speaking in front of such a large group.

After dinner, two RAs and a group of students went to the Boston Cannons Lacrosse game. Everyone had a great time cheering on Boston and even got to see a show from the Boston Cannons Dance Team!

Tonight is the first night of Ramadan, and ASA Summerfuel is embracing the Muslim culture by putting on a Ramapalooza dinner tonight! Students observing and not observing Ramadan will break their fast with games, fun, and, of course, a big meal! Check back tomorrow to see how students enjoyed their night!

ASA Summerful got a shout out at the game!

RA Mike and students at the lacrosse game!

ASA Summerfuel students showing their support