So Long Sweet Summerfuel

The past two days have been some of the best here at ASA Summerfuel Harvard. On Thursday night, students headed out to Boston for their last RA Night. RA CK’s group had a wonderful dinner and bowled, while RA Mike and RA Justin headed to the Prudential Center for some last minute shopping. RA Chelsea and her girls had a Thai dinner, shopped on Newbury Street, and ended the night with Boston’s Famous Georgetown cupcakes. RA Marissa’s group enjoyed delicious sushi and shopped at Quincy Market. All of the students had a wonderful evening with their RAs and were able to get one last taste of Boston.

Last night, students attended their last classes and ended the night with the Closing Banquet. The night started out with an introduction and a wonderful dinner. After everyone was well fed, our program director and a special Beatboxer, David Berl, surprised everyone with an amazing rap about ASA Summerfuel Harvard. Everyone was thoroughly impressed. Afterwards, the RAs handed out awards to their students. These awards ranged from “Most Likely to Get into Harvard” to “King of the Strings” to “The Straight-Shooter Award” to “Most Likely to be Summerfuel’s Sweetheart.” All the awards were unique and funny and every students went home with some kind of Summerfuel-inspired title.

RA Chelsea and her girls dressed up for the dance!

Closing Banquet

RA Justin and his boys

After dancing the night away, students spent the night together. Some stayed in our courtyard until the wee hours of the morning, while others went to get a good night’s sleep. With students already on their way back home, it’s hard for us to say goodbye to such a wonderful summer. We’ve all had such amazing memories here at Harvard and I know that many of us will remember ASA Summerfuel Harvard as one of the best summer of our lives.

In the beginning of the program, our program director explained to the students that there were three simple rules: learn lots, have fun, and stay safe. These rules have become a running theme throughout our time here at Harvard and can apply to more situations than one. We hope that if there’s anything our students take home, it’s these three rules because even after our program ends, they still apply.

Thanks you ASA Summefuel Harvard for a fantastic summer. We will miss you all!

Our three rules