The Last Week!

To start off the last week, each group had their final RA night which included a variety of different activities. (Pictured above) Both RA Justin and Mike took their boys to the bowling alley where the students got to experience traditional 10 pin bowling as well as candle stick style. While playing, they got to enjoy delicious pizza and great tunes! RA Trish took her girls to the infamous Dick’s Last Resort restaurant in Boston, then later enjoyed a movie night back at the residence hall. RA’s C.K. and Chelsea took their residents to the great Cambridge Common for dinner then had a excellent time playing games such as “Fish Bowl” and “Taboo” later throughout the night.

At ASA Summerfuel Harvard, we are also taking learning and education to next level, outside of the classroom. Teachers are taking their students on extraordinary field trips to apply all of the knowledge they have been gathering in their hard work for the past three and a half weeks.

The Food Matters workshop took a field trip to Life Alive, an “Urban Oasis and Organic Cafe.” While eating delicious, healthy and colorful meals and drinking healthy smoothies, they discussed the locavore movement, what healthy eating means in the general world and ways to potentially make modern food healthier altogether. After watching episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, discussing news articles on modern food culture and food politics, their trip to Life Alive gave them the opportunity to witness an environment of an ideal and exemplary food system they had been talking about.