Whew!- What A Weekend!

We had quite a full weekend here at ASA Summerfuel Harvard. On Friday night, students and staff celebrated Ramadan together at Ramapalooza. For those who are unaware, Ramadan is a Muslim holiday in which observers must eat only before the sun rises and after the sun sets. Ramadan is meant to show how those less fortunate feel every day and allows us to appreciate something we usually take for granted.

For Ramapalooza, each hall ordered a specific type of food. Student were able to sample cuisine from all around the world from sushi to Turkish food to American style soup and more! Students observing Ramadan broke their fast at 9 PM with the entire program. By the end of the night, everyone was far from hungry!

What a feast! Ramapalooza 2012!

Mmmmm! Sushi and Pasta 🙂

On Saturday afternoon, a group of students headed out on a boat from Boston Harbor to go whale watching! Luckily, we were able to see THREE types of whales- Minke, Fin, and Humpback! The whales took some excellent dives into the ocean, showing off their huge flukes! (Did you know a Humpback whale can be as long as TWO school buses and that their flukes are usually 12 feet long?)

Ready for whale watching!

Look at that Humpback whale fluke!

After a long day of whale watching, students met up with the rest of the program who had been shopping at Quincy Market all day. Students did a little shopping, grabbed a delicious dinner, and then the entire program headed to the movies to see The Dark Knight Rises. Most of the students agreed that the movie was incredible and was a perfect way to end the day.

On Sunday, students headed to Water Country in Portsmouth, NH. The weather was perfect for a day at the water park, and students could choose from a number of rides. A few students were brave enough to go down Geronimo, a super tall slide that shoots you down to the bottom in a matter of seconds! After a long day in the sun and an even longer weekend, students were exhausted. The rest of the night was spent grabbing dinner and hanging out in Hastings courtyard.


On the bus to Water Country!

Tonight is the last RA night of our program and the RAs have some great plans. Check back tomorrow to see how we spent our night!