Goodbye, CAP Berkeley Summerfuel Students!!

Greetings everyone,

All students have now departed from the Berkeley campus and are now on their way home with their families, or waiting for their flights to take off. Our hallway, which was full of chatter and laughter throughout the past couple of weeks, is now silent.

Two weeks, over in the blink of an eye! I want to commend each and every one of our 30 students for their hard work and dedication to success. Watching these kids work so hard on a daily basis, talking over their worries about college planning, and finding ways to decompress was challenging, eye-opening, and most of all, inspiring. I am proud to have worked with this group.

On behalf of the entire CAP Berkeley Summerfuel staff, I would like to thank these students for an unforgettable experience. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and will remember our short time together fondly.


All the best,

Ashleigh, CAP Berkeley Director

Kenny, CAP Berkeley Assistant Director & author of all previous blogs (Thank you, Kenny!!)

Ellen, CAP Berkeley Resident Advisor

Ike, CAP Berkeley Resident Advisor

Studying Hard!

It’s another bright, warm day at UC Berkeley! Students have begun the final stretch to the end. Students have been hard at work finishing up their personal statements. Here are some candid photos as well as photos from this weekend when the students went bowling!

Happy Birthday Yaro!

Yesterday was another exciting day at Berkeley! Students had their normal SAT/ACT Prep followed by work on their personal statement. Finally after an Admissions Counseling workshop, we celebrated Yaro’s birthday! Enjoy the photos from the birthday celebration!

Visit to San Francisco!

This weekend was ACTION PACKED! On Saturday, Students took the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) down to Fisherman’s Wharf/ Pier 39/ Chinatown, where we had snacks, watched the sea lions, and ate too much ice cream. Dinner was at Union Square, another iconic spot in San Francisco where students were able to shop and listen to street performers. Finally, we went to Dolores Park, where students watched the sunset.

Sunday was another exciting day. Students had their morning SAT/ACT Prep. Following this, we had pizza for lunch then students had the choice of more shopping or bowling. We ended the night with College Counseling, where they played the Great Sorting Game, students were engaged in an enjoyable mock-admissions simulation.


Santa Cruz! Fun and Beach

Yesterday students had their SAT Prep/ACT Prep course in the morning, then jetted off to UC Santa Cruz, a nearly 2000-acre campus nestled in the redwood forests. After an informational session and a tour of the campus, students went to the Boardwalk and Beach of Santa Cruz!


Visit to Santa Clara!

Students have been VERY busy the last few days with their SAT/ACT Prep. Yesterday, students began the day with SAT/ACT Prep from 9:15-12:15pm as usual. After a quick lunch, students jetted off to Santa Clara, where they had an informational session and tour. Students returned for dinner and an Admission’s workshop on The Big Search. Students have been very busy with class and homework, so we made a short trip to CREAM, a popular ice cream chain in downtown Berkeley!

Visit to Stanford University

Hello again! Yesterday was another packed day which included a visit to the prestigious Stanford University campus. Students were able to get a tour of the over 8000-acre campus. After more class in the afternoon, some students went to the cinema to see Ant Man and the Wasp and the Incredibles 2!

Scavenger Hunt

Yesterday was the first full day of class. Students started the day off with a Diagnostic Test, then students went on a tour of UC Berkeley. After an admissions workshop in the evening, students were able to once again explore campus through a scavenger hunt. The winning team (which includes a trip for ice cream at Cream) were: Vasil. Saud, Momo, Kim, and Rafaela! Here are some of the great photos from last night’s activity!