Day 1: Sunday July 29th


We are all finally in California!  After some very long and some delayed flights, we have arrived at San Francisco International Airport for the start of a great two weeks.  Our RA’s Liberty and Ryan greeted us at the airport with smiles and directed us to our shuttles to bring us back to Berkeley.  After dealing with some typical California traffic, we all had made it back to the beautiful University of California-Berkeley campus in time for dinner at the Crossroads Dining Hall.  What a dining hall it was!  From the pizza station, grill bar, sandwich line and the make your own salad bar we satisfied our traveling hunger pains that is for sure!  Then it was time to head back to Putnam Dormitory where we met in the ASA CAP lounge to start our orientation process.  We started with Speed Friending where we got to meet with each student and staff in the program through exciting questions to get the conversations and laughs going!  After that our two college counselors Jane and Heather gave us a quick overview of the program and expectations for the next 12 days.

Finally, it was time to unwind in our rooms (except for that pesky fire alarm that went off, al least now we know the drill!), do some unpacking and get a good night’s sleep for our first SAT Diagnostic test bright and early the next morning.  Wish us luck!