Day 2: Monday July 30th

The students were up nice and early to head to the Café for breakfast to make sure they were awake and ready for our first SAT test.  Then the ‘fun’ began.  The RA’s and staff walked them to the Princeton Review building where they will be spending our most of their mornings for the program taking SAT prep classes.  After the anticipation was finally over, they dove right into the test and boy was that an experience!  After a long 4 hours of test taking, the students were finally done and it was time to head to lunch.  Most of them headed to the Café while some decided to head into Berkeley to test out some of the great restaurants and food options the college town has to offer.  When lunch was over they headed back to Putnam to meet up with Ryan and Liberty.  A few students had their first college counseling sessions with Jane and Heather while the rest went on a tour of Berkeley to get a lay of the land and learn the boundaries of the camp with the RAs.  They saw what the streets of this beautiful college town had to offer from finding the Walgreens for all of our necessities as well as a quick tour of the Berkeley campus and the beautiful buildings it has!  Then it was time to head to the first essay writing workshop where we will learn how to make the perfect college essay.