Summerfuel Creates Superheros

Every great Superhero comes with a great backstory. Here at Summerfuel, all of our students experience the origin story of their inner hero. Students at Summerfuel Tufts face many things that help them prepare for the future when they leave the University and embark on their college journey. They are given many tests to prove their strength as a Summerfuel Superhero throughout their time here. They learn many new skills as they face obstacles,  conquer villains, and form bonds with other hero’s that will last a lifetime

Test One: Move In Day

On the first day, our students are thrown into a new world. They meet people from all over the world and  experience many culture shocks from either being in a new country, or speaking to others that have traveled great lengths to get here. Communication and social skills are tested as they interact with not only other students, but their families, RA’s, and Senior Staff Members. They are encouraged to talk about themselves and participate during orientation activities that help them get to know each other. During this time, they are able to share stories, experiences, and past times.

Test Two: Time Management

As students are faced with schedules that may change day to day, they are tested on their time management skills. When is homework time? When do I hangout with friends? Should I wake up early before class to eat breakfast? Should I go to evening activities if I have a test tomorrow morning? These are all common questions that our heroes-in-training ask themselves. When faced with a lot of different responsibilities and tasks, it can be hard to figure out when is the right time to engage in different activities. These skills are self taught and are strengthened as the students get used to their schedules and what works best for them. Every hero is different and what works for one student, might not work for another.

Test Three: Exams

This is the part of the story where each hero has to overcome their first villain: exams. Exams can be tough for most students and are prepared for in many different ways. Some students like to study in groups by exchanging information in the common spaces, while others prefer to work alone in their room with a laptop and a set of flashcards. The most important part when facing your villain is to figure out the plan that works best for you and to take charge of it to the conquer the beast.

Test Four: Activities

Our afternoon and evening activities are great places for each hero to show and practice their powers. Some superpowers that we see being shown during these are artistic, singing, dancing, and even trivia skills. Creativity is important and we try to give every hero the opportunity to showcase and practice their power!! Successful Summerfuel Heroes are able to learn from others and use ideas to improve their own powers.

Test Five: Goodbyes 🙁

Goodbyes are our least favorite part here at Summerfuel, but it is an important part of the hero making process. Reflecting on the good times we’ve had over the summer helps all the students appreciate their time with each other and realize how much they have grown. At this point, our students have all become heroes and are recognized for their achievements at our closing banquets. They are asked to give speeches where they speak on their time at the program and about the things they learned and the people they have met along the way.

Saying goodbye can be hard, but it takes a lot of strength and courage to say “I’ll see you later” instead. All of our heroes are continuing their journeys of saving the world and being strong members of society. We are sure that some of their paths will collide and that they will work together to continue the Summerfuel Superhero Legacy!

Final Week at Tufts!

College Admissions Edge students have been making the most of every hour of the day – from SAT Class to Essay Writing, Admissions workshops, and college visits. Students visited UMass Boston on Thursday, and had a blast that night at the Magic & Hypnosis Show. It was incredible to see what the hypnotist could do! Friday was another busy day with College Counseling and Mock Admissions. Students had a chance to unwind on Saturday with a trip to Boston, and late night pizza bagels, crafts and Singstar Karaoke. Sunday night was a fun celebration for some Summerfuel birthdays, including cake, cards, and balloons.

We are officially in our final week at Tufts, and we are excited to keep the fun and learning rolling!

Up, Up, and Away: TreeTop Adventures

“You’re the RA, you go first.”

The students stared at me, waiting for a response.

“You want to see an RA die today?” I joked nervously, looking up at the trees. Not wanting to hold up the line, I slowly clipped on my harness, following the directions the TreeTop instructors had shown us a few minutes earlier.

|=Lock on with the tweezle. Clip on. Climb up.

I thought the worst was over as I huffed and puffed to the top of the tree. When I turned around, a single metal cable greeted me. This meant one thing; I had to zip-line across to get to the next tree. I was ten feet up and the next tree was twenty feet across.

I am afraid of heights.

I was already up there, I couldn’t go back now. After a moment of contemplating, I finally clipped onto my zipline. I looked across to the next tree; I closed my eyes and pushed.

WOOOOOOOOSH, just like that, a rush of wind and adrenaline carried me over to the other side.

I sighed in relief.

This is kind of fun…

        Last Saturday, was the Treetop Adventures excursion. For most of the students, it was their very first time in a high ropes obstacles course. While many were very excited, some had their doubts. Slowly, the fears of the students disappeared as they geared up, learned the safety procedures, and went onto the courses. The courses were divided up by difficulty, some close to the ground with lots of wooden platforms while others were high up in the sky, with only cable strings to walk on. Several of the students challenged themselves, moving onto the harder courses as they finished an obstacle. Groups of friends would travel together and cheered each other on whenever one got stuck. Although it was challenging, overall Treetop Adventures was a new and exciting experience for the Summerfuel students.

written by: Amy Lee


Tufts Tour & Game Show Mash-Up

Monday was students’ first full day on campus, and it was a busy one. We ate breakfast in the dining hall, with lots of tasty options to choose from, met the staff, and students had their first SAT Prep class with The Princeton Review. In the afternoon, students had a Tufts Info Session, Campus Tour, and Admissions Visit – the first of many college visits throughout the program. Later, students had their first Essay Writing class, where they will craft ideas and work towards creating a strong personal statement for their college applications. After dinner, students enjoyed their Admissions Workshop and focused on the questions “Who are you? What is best for you?” To finish off a busy first day, CAE students joined the other Summerfuel Tufts programs at the Game-Show Mash-Up.

Second Session Has Begun

Yesterday we welcomed the students attending the second session of the College Admissions Edge program as well as students joining the Pre-College program for the second session. Everyone arrived safely from around the globe, are settling in to their new home at Harleston Hall, and meeting the students that were already here for Session 1. Last night students had Orientation and Director’s Welcome, along with a floor meeting with their RA’s, and a Summer Smoothies Mixer. We look forward to what the next two weeks hold!

An RA’s Welcome

Welcome to Summerfuel Tufts 2018. It is your typical Boston summer day; it is extremely hot, but all of our Residential Advisors are hydrated and ready to welcome our students for a summer full of fun, activities, excursions, but more importantly, an unforgettable experience.

      Today takes me back to my first day of college. I hopped on a plane and left my hometown of Los Angeles to small-town Northfield, Minnesota. Just like my first day of college, students at Summerfuel have to navigate some of the most exciting, though sometimes nerve-wracking, experiences, like meeting a new roommate, getting a new schedule, deciding what to eat at the student cafeteria and exploring the new town they will call home.

     Here at Summerfuel Tufts, we have a team of Senior Staff and Residential Advisors that not only love working with young people, but also love having the opportunity to assist students through that journey. Whether they meet students from all over the US or the world, our students here at Summerfuel start their experience with the impression that diversity is celebrated and worth sharing ice cream over at our “Flavors of the World” mixer.

     Soon enough, our students will start traveling in cohorts to classes and asking their Residential Advisors about their own college experiences. We will all reminisce on the SAT and all the time we dedicated to that exam.  At Summerfuel Tufts, we are confident that our students will leave our summer program more independent, prepared to take on college courses, and proud to be Global Citizens.

Resident Advisor,

-Richard Aviles

My Summerfuel Story: Why I Willingly Spent Two Weeks At Math Camp

Truth be told, I was slightly wary of heading up to Massachusetts for the College Admission Preparation program. However, after a warm welcome from the RAs and getting to know the other campers through the orientation games, I realized that my former anxiety was rooted in finally having to face the college admissions process head on. Thankfully, after two weeks of intensive instruction and learning, I am much more prepared for the journey to come.

Even after the first day of instruction, I had already learned countless tips, tricks and shortcuts to help me conquer the SAT. All of the activities under the CAP program, from the SAT/ACT Test Prep and Essay Writing Workshops to College Counseling Sessions, allowed me to gain extensive knowledge into the application process. The courses are taught by professionals in their field: real high school college counselors and real Princeton Review course instructors.

Academia aside, Summerfuel’s schedule includes chunks of downtime for relaxation. During these periods, you could find campers chilling in the common room or outside kicking around a soccer ball. Not to mention, the camp is incredibly diverse. I met students from all over: New York, Michigan, Russia, Bulgaria, and even China. One night, I bonded with a boy from Lebanon over our favorite rap artist. At Summerfuel, simple areas of commonality helped me form great relationships with new and interesting people, despite the differences in our backgrounds.

Some days were highlighted with tours to top colleges in the greater Boston area. The College Counseling sessions taught me how to get the most out of a college tour. When it came time to visit Babson and Boston College, I was able to widely broaden my knowledge of two institutions I plan on applying to come Fall of my senior year.

In short, Summerfuel is for the go-getters: the students who seek opportunity and work hard to see it through. The scheduled activities and excursions, on the most basic level, characterize Summerfuel as your average summer camp. In reality, however, it’s so much more. Summerfuel’s CAP course allowed me to reflect on who I currently am as a student and as a person, and then prompted me to imagine who I want to be during and after college. To be completely honest, I was petrified by the prospects of the admissions process. This camp helped me overcome that anxiety. Summerfuel has equipped me with the tools and the confidence necessary to enter the admissions arena and actively pursue my ideal self. For only two weeks of my summer vacation, it proved to be an invaluable experience.

  • Toby Ilogu, Class of 2019

Take Care & Good Luck!

Thursday was our final night at CAP Tufts. After a day of class, SAT/ACT diagnostics and packing, we had a final celebration. For our celebration, we went bowling and had a fun time with snacks, awards and music!

Today students are en route home and we say “See you later!” because we know this is not the end. Good luck to all our new friends in their future endeavors.


Have a great rest of the summer!