Are You Ready to Apply to College?

We know that preparing to apply for college takes a lot of work. From studying for and taking the SAT to researching and visiting which schools you want to apply to, to filling out applications, writing essays, and crafting your resume, the process can be overwhelming.  Summerfuel’s College Admissions Edge programs are here to help you every step of the way. In addition to SAT prep with The Princeton Review, take a closer look at some of the important things you will learn at Tufts, Berkeley, or Columbia:

Essay Writing

Every CAE Essay Writing course is designed to help students reflect on their lives and realize that within their experiences they have plenty of material to craft an excellent admissions essay or personal statement. The writing curriculum is intended to help each student become a stronger, more confident writer. During sixteen hours of instruction and further time dedicated to out of class follow up, students will formulate a thesis, and learn to craft it into a concise and engaging personal statement. CAE faculty listen to students brainstorm and inspire them to take their story and sculpt it into a compelling narrative.

One-on-One College Counseling

Prior to the program, parents will be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their child’s interests and strengths, and their own desires for their son or daughter.  Once on site, college counselors will schedule one-on-one counseling sessions with each student in order to map out a clear and realistic plan to approach the college admissions process.  College counselors will consider family input, student input, student academic performance, student extracurricular strengths and evidence of standardized test scores to appropriately advise each student.

Admissions Workshop

Together with college admissions experts, Summerfuel has crafted a unique admissions workshop curriculum designed to provide students with information about every aspect of the admissions process.  Students will participate in eight collaborative, interactive admissions workshops led by the college counseling team, with topics such as “Assembling Your Application,” “How To Visit a College,” and “Defining Goals & Dreams”.  The workshop setting provides a positive group environment where questions are welcomed and encouraged as students begin their independent work.

Preparing to apply to college can be a stressful time, but a summer program like College Admissions Edge can help you get organized, focused, and ready to tackle it all.

Goodbye, CAP Berkeley Summerfuel Students!!

Greetings everyone,

All students have now departed from the Berkeley campus and are now on their way home with their families, or waiting for their flights to take off. Our hallway, which was full of chatter and laughter throughout the past couple of weeks, is now silent.

Two weeks, over in the blink of an eye! I want to commend each and every one of our 30 students for their hard work and dedication to success. Watching these kids work so hard on a daily basis, talking over their worries about college planning, and finding ways to decompress was challenging, eye-opening, and most of all, inspiring. I am proud to have worked with this group.

On behalf of the entire CAP Berkeley Summerfuel staff, I would like to thank these students for an unforgettable experience. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and will remember our short time together fondly.


All the best,

Ashleigh, CAP Berkeley Director

Kenny, CAP Berkeley Assistant Director & author of all previous blogs (Thank you, Kenny!!)

Ellen, CAP Berkeley Resident Advisor

Ike, CAP Berkeley Resident Advisor

Studying Hard!

It’s another bright, warm day at UC Berkeley! Students have begun the final stretch to the end. Students have been hard at work finishing up their personal statements. Here are some candid photos as well as photos from this weekend when the students went bowling!

Summerfuel Creates Superheros

Every great Superhero comes with a great backstory. Here at Summerfuel, all of our students experience the origin story of their inner hero. Students at Summerfuel Tufts face many things that help them prepare for the future when they leave the University and embark on their college journey. They are given many tests to prove their strength as a Summerfuel Superhero throughout their time here. They learn many new skills as they face obstacles,  conquer villains, and form bonds with other hero’s that will last a lifetime

Test One: Move In Day

On the first day, our students are thrown into a new world. They meet people from all over the world and  experience many culture shocks from either being in a new country, or speaking to others that have traveled great lengths to get here. Communication and social skills are tested as they interact with not only other students, but their families, RA’s, and Senior Staff Members. They are encouraged to talk about themselves and participate during orientation activities that help them get to know each other. During this time, they are able to share stories, experiences, and past times.

Test Two: Time Management

As students are faced with schedules that may change day to day, they are tested on their time management skills. When is homework time? When do I hangout with friends? Should I wake up early before class to eat breakfast? Should I go to evening activities if I have a test tomorrow morning? These are all common questions that our heroes-in-training ask themselves. When faced with a lot of different responsibilities and tasks, it can be hard to figure out when is the right time to engage in different activities. These skills are self taught and are strengthened as the students get used to their schedules and what works best for them. Every hero is different and what works for one student, might not work for another.

Test Three: Exams

This is the part of the story where each hero has to overcome their first villain: exams. Exams can be tough for most students and are prepared for in many different ways. Some students like to study in groups by exchanging information in the common spaces, while others prefer to work alone in their room with a laptop and a set of flashcards. The most important part when facing your villain is to figure out the plan that works best for you and to take charge of it to the conquer the beast.

Test Four: Activities

Our afternoon and evening activities are great places for each hero to show and practice their powers. Some superpowers that we see being shown during these are artistic, singing, dancing, and even trivia skills. Creativity is important and we try to give every hero the opportunity to showcase and practice their power!! Successful Summerfuel Heroes are able to learn from others and use ideas to improve their own powers.

Test Five: Goodbyes 🙁

Goodbyes are our least favorite part here at Summerfuel, but it is an important part of the hero making process. Reflecting on the good times we’ve had over the summer helps all the students appreciate their time with each other and realize how much they have grown. At this point, our students have all become heroes and are recognized for their achievements at our closing banquets. They are asked to give speeches where they speak on their time at the program and about the things they learned and the people they have met along the way.

Saying goodbye can be hard, but it takes a lot of strength and courage to say “I’ll see you later” instead. All of our heroes are continuing their journeys of saving the world and being strong members of society. We are sure that some of their paths will collide and that they will work together to continue the Summerfuel Superhero Legacy!

Happy Birthday Yaro!

Yesterday was another exciting day at Berkeley! Students had their normal SAT/ACT Prep followed by work on their personal statement. Finally after an Admissions Counseling workshop, we celebrated Yaro’s birthday! Enjoy the photos from the birthday celebration!

Visit to San Francisco!

This weekend was ACTION PACKED! On Saturday, Students took the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) down to Fisherman’s Wharf/ Pier 39/ Chinatown, where we had snacks, watched the sea lions, and ate too much ice cream. Dinner was at Union Square, another iconic spot in San Francisco where students were able to shop and listen to street performers. Finally, we went to Dolores Park, where students watched the sunset.

Sunday was another exciting day. Students had their morning SAT/ACT Prep. Following this, we had pizza for lunch then students had the choice of more shopping or bowling. We ended the night with College Counseling, where they played the Great Sorting Game, students were engaged in an enjoyable mock-admissions simulation.


Santa Cruz! Fun and Beach

Yesterday students had their SAT Prep/ACT Prep course in the morning, then jetted off to UC Santa Cruz, a nearly 2000-acre campus nestled in the redwood forests. After an informational session and a tour of the campus, students went to the Boardwalk and Beach of Santa Cruz!


Final Dinner Banquet & Dance Party

Yesterday was our last full day here at Tufts University. Students took their third SAT Diagnostic test, enjoyed one final college visit to Boston University, and made the most of their last Essay Writing class. Then we got ready in our finest outfits for the closing night Dinner Banquet and Dance Party. Two weeks has flown by here at Tufts, and we have made some great new memories and friends from around the world. Wishing everyone a great rest of their summer and a successful school year to come!