Fordham, Yale and Birthday Celebrations

A day in the life at CAP Columbia….

We got an early start to the day with our visit to Fordham University. We enjoyed the campus’s lush greenery and enormous library. The campus was so quiet it was hard to believe it was in the middle of the Bronx.

Immediately following our Fordham visit, we headed up to Yale University for a tour with our enthusiastic guide Claire. She was full of helpful information about everything from student life to school traditions to academic programs. Students even had time to rub the foot of the lucky statue of Theodore Dwight Woolsey for good luck (which will hopefully come in handy for college applications). In addition to the breathtaking campus, students enjoyed walking through the city of New Haven to see the many things it has to offer.

Although we had a long day, we ended it with a bang as students gathered for the ice cream social. We got to know each other even better as we played a game of human bingo. As the game ended, we brought in surprise birthday cupcakes for Minh and RA Amanda. We ended the night with some music, dancing, and lots of laughs.