Guest Blogger: ASA CAP Columbia Student Abbey Robbins

“This experience has been so much more than I had expected. First off, the SAT finally makes sense, and I feel confident in my abilities in that test but also in my college application- thanks to the awesome college counselors. But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I have found the international community to be really rewarding. It’s really a unique experience to find someone from halfway around the world, whose first language was not English, and have so much in common with them. I have a much deeper understanding of the international community because I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with them and learn about all their different cultures. With all our cultural differences, it’s really quite amazing how similar we all are; and that kind of perspective at my age is phenomenal.

The course load is heavy, and in the beginning I was afraid I would have no time for fun. But everyone sort of bonded over the studies, and we all got very close quickly because of it. And there is plenty of time for fun- exploring the city and having fun adventures that (at least I) would never get at my small town home.

Living on a college campus is part of what makes this so real- having to balance studies with fun and having to navigate across a new campus- it’s really unique for a high school student and revealing to what will come in the near future. Overall, it has been a very rewarding, exciting experience so far and it has helped me to understand a lot about the international community and also the type of school I will want to attend.”


*Photo Credit: Freddie Moross (Abbey is on the right, and chose this photo 😉