Just Getting Started at CAP Columbia

This morning students dove right into the SATs as they began with the diagnostic test. After surviving a true test of endurance on their first morning, summerfuelers had time to relax as outdoor activities commenced. Students found ultimate Frisbee and baseball both relaxing and good physical activity on the beautiful Columbia campus greens (after all, grass in New York City is hard to come by).

Baseball was really fun…until Freddie hit a home run, and the ball was never found.

Classes weren’t finished yet as students were introduced to their writing teachers where they started to learn how to formulate and compose stellar college essays. Some of the skills students learned and applied were creating a personal resume, evaluating colleges, and choosing essay topics.

From speed-friending introduction games to hanging out and working together until curfew, students have already started to form friendships and spend time with one another.

In between the busy schedule, the RAs and students gathered for an interactive game of Taboo. The game got quite competitive, but we had to put it on hold as students headed off to their college workshop right after we were flashmobbed by a group of young children.