Welcome to Columbia

Move-in day started bright and early with the first student’s plane touching down at 5:30 AM. From then on welcome day was in full swing with summerfuel campers arriving from across the world. Whether an hour of driving or twenty hours of air travel and jetlag, everybody gathered strength and brought their luggage into their new rooms in the East Campus of beautiful Columbia University.

From the start, students spent time getting to know the rest of their roommates whom they would be living with for the next two weeks. The day was humid, but things started warming up when the program officially commenced at 6:00 PM with students touring the campus and meeting their college counselors and RAs.

After a pizza party to start things off, the RAs broke the ice with a name game, and the college counselors followed up with a conversation on the dos and don’ts of applying to college. With much to do and a full day ahead, camp called it a night and prepared for the 7 AM wake up call for the 1st SAT diagnostic test in the morning.