Monkeys, flamenco, Europe, Africa!

It’s been an eventful few days in Conil: levitating street performers, pasta-chomping monkeys, and mind-blowing flamenco dancers…and that’s just for starters! Thursday was Movie Night in the Summerfuel house, which was momentarily converted into a haunted house to enhance the scary movie theme. The students weren’t very scared, however, especially when they recognized their own Spanish teachers in would-be spooky disguises! Friday we went to the Lonja or fishing port of Conil, where we saw fish being unloaded directly from the boats and auctioned off to buyers. Conil is famous for its seafood, particularly tuna, and the fish is sold with a special tag vouching for its authenticity, much like a wine appellation.

Saturday on our excursion we took a cable car to enjoy panoramic views from atop the Rock of Gibraltar, where one can see Europe and Africa, Atlantic and Mediterranean, and endless sky in every direction. We got to spend some quality time with Gibraltar’s famous Barbary apes, who tried to steal our potato chips but otherwise were happy to pose for photos. We also saw some street performers who seemed to float in the air….we still haven’t quite figured out how they did it!

Saturday night we went to a traditional hacienda outside Conil to see a flamenco show: passionate song and dance with intricate hand clapping, dizzying footwork, and captivating melodies. Sunday was a day to relax with our Spanish families and enjoy the beach.

On Wednesday of this week we’ll have a picnic and miniature bullfight in the country as well as a final celebration dinner with the Spanish families. It’s going to be a great week!