Waterfalls, rappeling, soccer, volleyball, ceramics…and the list goes on!

On Saturday we went on a multi-adventure excursion in Rio Verde outside Nerja. The students had a great time rappelling amongst waterfalls, hiking among rock walls, and swimming in the pristine river. The natural beauty of this area was breath-taking. Needless to say it was a fun and challenging day.

Things in Nerja are going great and we have been so busy it’s hard to know where to start! Activities are lots of fun, and in ceramics class we are making all kinds of objects from lamp covers to ceramic napkin holders to paper weights. It’s amazing how well the pieces turn out.





In gym class we had the unique experience of a dance cardio workout! In scuba diving class, which takes place at the beautiful beach of Burriana, the students are learning a lot and moving from theory to practice, applying what we’ve learned in class in the water. We also had a great time playing in our soccer tournament between the Spaniards and Americans!  Since we love playing sports, as it gives us a chance to be active and practice our Spanish at the same time, we also had a volleyball tournament. The losing team had to swim at in the ocean at dusk, which was actually quite nice after the volleyball workout! It was a success, regardless of how many games we won or lost.

There still lots of exciting adventures ahead of this. For example, this morning we embarked on an overnight journey to Granada where we will visit the Alhambra, a Moorish palace with incredible Arab architecture and design dating back to medieval times. We will also visit the Albaicín, a labyrinthine neighborhood where travellers sought out authentic Gypsy dances as far back as the nineteenth century. Photos to come….

Picasso and the Moorish City

After our visit over the weekend to Frigiliana and the Nerja Caves, the students in the Nerja group had ceramics class and began the first round of the “ASA Football League” soccer tournament. This was a great opportunity to meet local Spanish kids and the students had a great time. On Wednesday we went on an excursion to the Moorish city of Málaga. Everyone loved taking panoramic pictures of the city from the Gibralfaro lookout point above, as well as the guided walking tour in which we learned a lot about the city´s history. Next we went to the the Picasso Museum, where everyone enjoyed looking at the variety of paintings in the city where Picasso was born. Later on the students had free time to explore around the city. This weekend: an adventurous day rappelling along the Rio Verde.




Check out our photos from our arrival in Malaga, tour of Nerja, and weekend visit to the nearby town of Frigiliana and the Nerja caves. Today the students started Spanish classes and have lots of exciting projects coming up. We’ll also be beginning ceramics class, so look for upcoming photos of the students’ creations…you will be amazed!

Sweet Home Andalucia

Summerfuel in Conil, Cadiz, Tarifa, and Nerja is officially in session! After a day of orientation with ASA staff, the students met their host families, took a tour of the town, and began to get situated in their home for the next month. Activities beginning soon include cooking, Spanish guitar, and soccer. We’ll be having a tapas night as well and get to sample some Andalusian specialties. By the time our classes start on Monday, we’ll be well on our way to feeling like locals. Watch this space for updates!

Southern Spain contact info

We´re ready to welcome the students to Southern Spain! The main office number for Cadiz, Conil, Tarifa, and Nerja is 011 34 667 228 314. The local time zone is EST + 6 and our office hours are 10AM-2PM and 6PM-10PM Spanish time. You can e-mail us anytime at

After orientation in Jerez, the students will arrive at their homestay locations to meet their families and take a local tour on Thursday. If you want to send students mail, you can use their homestay family´s address.

Remember, the quickest way to get answers to any question or solve any problem is for students to ask local staff members for assistance. That´s what we´re here for…and we can´t wait to meet everyone!

Hasta pronto,

Summerfuel Spanish in España Staff