A trip back in time!

Last week was filled with excitement- the students’ first submersion in scuba, a challenging spinning class, and a volleyball tournament named ‘King of the Court (Rey de la Pista) by the students. In class we made a music video with lyrics in Spanish and English. Everyone participated whether by singing, choreographing movements, or creating the background scenery. It was a blast!

The highlight of last week was definitely our overnight trip to Granada! On Friday we arrived at the beautiful traversed by a maze of narrow pedestrian streets that is famous not only for its Moorish roots but also for its Gypsy population, which attracted foreign tourists to the neighborhood as early as the nineteenth century. Our guide was great, and the students were paying such close attention that some of them even memorized some of the newly learned facts!

Afterwards, they enjoyed some free time to eat lunch, shop, and walk around to soak up the culture, and take a swim in the pool back at the hotel.

At night we went to a Flamenco show and one of the dancers gave us a personal lesson of how to dance a few steps and recreate some of the dance we had just seen. It was a lot of fun as everyone, including the teachers, was dancing. I think we have some future flamenco dancers in the group! After a delicious dinner we went back to the hotel to rest from our busy day.

The following day we visited the Alhambra, a sprawling walled city which in medieval times functioned as a self-supporting royal palace. The Alhambra is a wonderfully preserved example of Arab architecture in Spain, with ornate wall carvings, Arab baths, and interior plazas with fountains that would have helped to cool the buildings. Washington Irving was amazed to discover the Alhambra in the nineteenth century overtaken by wanderers and bohemians, and he himself lived there for several months, producing the classic book Stories of the Alhambra, full of tales of sultans, knights, and princesses. The students really enjoyed the guided tour through this spectacular palace. They couldn’t put their cameras down!  Afterwards we went to the center of Granada and had some more free time to eat lunch and go shopping (which is especially fun in the summer due to the annual “rebajas” clearance sales). At night when we returned to Nerja, many families went out to dinner to celebrate the holiday ‘Fiesta del Virgen Carmen,’ the patron saint of fishermen, and walk around the town.

Today we had classes as usual and on Wednesday we are looking forward to our trip to Marbella. We’ll keep you posted!