First week in Nerja!

It was an exciting first week here in Nerja! After an enthusiastic welcome from the Spanish host families, the students settled in their new homes and that evening got to be part of a historic moment in soccer history: never has a team won the Euro Cup, the World Cup and then the Euro Cup AGAIN! We’re pretty sure this is the beginning of a dynasty. You can imagine the excitement in the streets. We all cheered as the entire country celebrated. You could not have asked for a better introduction to Spanish culture.

On Monday the students took a placement exam in the school and then went on a tour of Nerja with the staff, where they saw key Nerja landmarks and had the opportunity to purchase cell phones. Later, we had our first ceramics class. Students make all kinds of interesting keepsakes and always surprise the staff with their creativity.

On Tuesday we had our first day of classes. Later on that evening was the first cooking class.   The students learned how to make tortilla española and churros. In cooking class the students learned how to make tortilla española, one of Spain´s most traditional and popular dishes. It’s nothing like a Mexican tortillla….more like a potato omelette and so delicious. We also made porras for dessert, which you may know as churros.  We are so excited to be able to bring these delicious recipes back home with us! The cooking teacher also gave each student a Spanish apron to remember this experience.

On Wednesday we took our first trip to the caves of Nerja, which stretch almost a mile in length. One of the chambers is so large it is used for concerts since it forms a natural amphitheatre. The students were intrigued by all of the intricate formations, especially Lucy, who loves photography and used this opportunity to get some great shots.  Afterwards we went to Frigiliana, a nearby town, to do a scavenger hunt throughout its historic streets. We had a lot of fun wroking in teams trying to be the first to finish. Two teams were victorious as we had a tie between the teams of Ross, Max and Helen with Lauren and Lindsay´s team.

Thursday the students had their first scuba class. The first class was a theoretical class. where students learn all the basics about scuba procedures and safety. Everyone is excited for class this week when they will practice what they learned in the water. Afterwards the whole group reunited to play a game of volleyball on the beach. The weather was perfect!

On Saturday we went on a trip to Malaga. We started with a guided bus tour around the beautiful city and then we visited the Gibralfaro Castle. We took lots of pictures on the castle´s look-out points. We then walked around the town´s center. The guide took us through winding streets, plazas, and the cathedral. We then went to the Picasso Museum that celebrates the native of Malaga.

Today starts another fun week that culminates in a trip to Granada! We´ll keep you posted.