Our last week in Nerja!

Our last week in Nerja was quite busy! We completed our last day of class having churros and chocolate with our profesores. The students studied and took their final exam in class and in their  evenings activities they finished their ceramic sculptures, went scuba diving, and learned how to make paella (Spain´s most traditional and famous rice dish).    On Thursday we went ona surprise trip to a spa complete with saunas, Turkish baths, jacuzzis, and pools. Needless to say we had a great time!  After a day of relaxing and being pampered, we all dressed up nicely for our final party with the Spanish families. It was a special night as we remembered all of the good times we spent in Nerja together. On Friday the students had one last day to spend with their family and friends, take pictures and buy some souvenirs to remember their time here. We’re sure the students are looking forward to seeing their American families again, but we’ll be sorry to see them go! It’s been a great group and a great month here in Nerja.