Bastille Day Plans

Hello everyone,

I have received messages from parents inquiring about our Bastille Day plans. I thought it would be helpful to share them with you here!

July 14 will be much different this year than it has been in the past. There will not be any fireworks and instead, the day will be dedicated to honoring the victims of last summer’s attack. Nice plans on 20,000 people attending the day’s events! It is going to be very hectic!
 The students will have class from 930am-12pm and 5pm-7pm. After their morning class, lunch, and some time to rest, we will be taking a 3pm cruise to the bay of Villefranche. In the evening, we will eat dinner as a group and then return to school before dark for our yearly fashion show and a party.
Our entire street will be blocked off so our normal entrance will be closed. Because there will be such a crowd gathered for the events, students will not be able to go out on their own at all.
I believe that they will be happy with our plan for the day, which also serves as assurance that they will be supervised at all times!
Safety is my number one priority; I will do everything in my power to ensure your child’s security.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns!
All the best,
Director, Summerfuel Nice