A Student in Bath

Over the weekend, we had the opportunity to visit the English town of Bath, set in a rolling countryside that inspired many of Jane Austen’s novels. For the blog, I’ll hand over the picture and writing reins to one of our many creative students, Francine Schaft:

On Saturday we traveled to the beautiful city of Bath. We started off the day by visiting the ancient Roman baths that were believed to cure disease. My favorite part of the tour was having the opportunity to taste the water. I wasn’t surprised that it tasted like pennies!

After a nice lunch at a Tapas restaurant and ice cream with friends, some of us went on a tour of the city. We walked through winding roads and pathways while stopping at the Royal Crescent, The Circus, and The Assembly Room where the upper class used to gamble, dance, and have tea. Before it was time to leave, I even had the chance to do a bit of shopping and watch some street performers! Bath was such a fun city to explore and learn about. It was definitely a day to remember, even if it meant waking up early!

Thanks to Francie for a great reflection!