A Taste of Marketing & Advertising

In honor of World Chocolate Day, one of our faculty members has written a guest blog post to give you a taste (pun absolutely intended) of her class:

On #worldchocolateday Summerfuel Oxford Marketing & Advertising students participated in a tasting experiment to determine how whether there is real differentiation between food products and to what extent consumers can identify qualities such as organic, artisan and Fairtrade?

They first tasted 4 different bottled mineral waters ranging in price from 45p for 2 litres to £2.29 for 1 litre but no one could identify a sample by brand name, identify a brand with added electrolytes or correctly pick out the highest priced sample. Students learnt that brand equity may not translate to actual product differentiation in this category.

However, most students preferred a branded popcorn over the supermarket own brand and even asked where they could buy more supplies in Oxford, proving that sampling can lead to brand preference.

Again there was consensus about 4 different brands of milk chocolate; the UK market leader was the least popular and the students favoured the ethical brand Divine, the only Fairtrade chocolate company which is 44% owned by cocoa farmers, http://www.divinechocolate.com/uk/. Divine’s commitment to social responsibility gives us even more reason to enjoy eating chocolate!

Popular brands charge up to 25% more for their products to fund their marketing campaigns, which in turn make us loyal to products. Back in the classroom we reviewed the marketing campaign from 2 of the leading water brands and the European market leader Evian “Live Young” campaign generated most approval.

Kay Alty,

July 7th 2016

Here are some photos Kay shared of her class, as well as a few from today’s activities: Museum Day and the Oxford Ghost Tour!