Things are Heating Up

It was a beautiful day here in Oxford, with temperatures upward of 27C/80F, a perfect environment for outdoor activities and a first night open in town! First up was the Lady Margaret Hall Scavenger Hunt. We try to make sure every student has the chance to get to know everyone on the program, so they were paired up with yet another new group and sent around campus to perform a series of challenges including speed friending, croquet, a British flag jigsaw, and the human knot. It was great to see all the sunny smiles and hear conversations between new friends.

After dinner, students joined a pickup soccer game where a couple of the girls gave the boys a run for their money. RAs Laura and Katie made sure they all stayed hydrated in the heat, and then a group headed out to G&D’s, a local homemade ice cream joint. Speculoos, cardamom and saffron, and salted caramel ice cream was a great way to cool off the hot day!