Things are Hot…

Sorry to bring up the weather again, but it really is unusually hot here (90F/27C)! The students have been enjoying all kinds of activities to distract them from the temperature. First up: a sweet tooth tour of Oxford! The Fudge Kitchen was nice enough to provide free samples and a fudge-making demonstration! The Belgian Chocolate was definitely a winner. We all moved on to the Covered Market in the centre of town, where some students chose Ben’s Cookies (whose logo was designed by Roald Dahl’s illustrator), and some had just about anything they wanted mixed in to a custom milkshake at Moo Moo’s. Luckily, our last stop did not require any immediate consumption of sweets: Hardy’s Sweet Shop, an old-fashioned candy store reminiscent of (speaking of Roald Dahl) Willy Wonka!

In the evening, some students enjoyed a lazy punt ride on the river and didn’t do too badly for their first times. Others tossed a frisbee around on LMH’s generous back fields. Still more designed their own postcards and watercolors at Art Night, so parents should look out for some mail in the coming weeks!