ASA UMass 2012: Guest Blogger Victor Dulout!

It has been almost twenty-seven days since a single drop of the clear Massachusetts rain fell on the campus of Amherst. The grass is getting itchy, leaving only the brave one to play the difficult sport that is called soccer. Water is getting valuable as it gets harder to walk towards the closest fountain or to the cafeteria. Our throats are getting itchy as we laugh and have fun with the numerous kids with different nationalities. Any activity is taken with heart and care by the kids in the beautiful Dorm “North A”. As the peak hour approaches, many go back in their relaxing suite to relax or work after the very interesting AM classes. When you feel fully happy about the amount of attention you put in your homework, the RA will always have a fun activity for you to enjoy and laugh.

I had a lot of fun during these 4 weeks where the students feel valued and are always happy to learn, laugh, or just walk around this magnificent campus. The RAs, like the teachers, are very professional and always ready to help a diverse and pleasant group of students.