Cádiz Concerts!

After Gibraltar, the students were back into their normal routine of classes and activities.  Some met up to have coffee and chat with their teachers, while others called the local assistants to spend time with them on the beach. The students are using every opportunity they have not only to practice thier Spanish but also to get to know our wonderful staff a little bit better.

On Friday the students were in for a treat as they got to see their very own staff live in concert! Javi, the coordinator, played the guitar, while Adrian, the local assistant played percussion. The students had a blast listening to their awesome funky jazz band!

On Saturday, the students got a chance to see another great musician in concert, Carlinhos Brown. Brown is a highly-regarded Brazilian musician and producer who blends Tropical, reggae and Brazilian musical styles. It´s clear that Cádiz is the place to be for music lovers!

As we enter our last week, students are working on their class documentary projects and looking forward to this Wednesday when they will get a chance to bullfight! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!