Cádiz crosses the border!

Our third week started off with a fiesta as we sang “Feliz Cumpleaños (Happy Birthday)” to Ryan during cooking class. In addition to a delicious cake we also made “ensaladilla, ” a cold Spanish salad with potatoes and eggs.The fun didn´t stop there! Today we crossed international borders and headed to Gibraltar, a British colony on the very tip of the Iberian Peninsula that has played a key strategic role in various military engagements over the past several centuries. Today Gibraltar functions as an international banking center and a duty-free haven for shoppers. More importantly for us, however, was the famous colony of Barbary Apes, which we visited after a steep cable car ride up to the very top of the Rock of Gibraltar. The monkeys are definitely fun and mischievous, and we had a great time getting just close enough to take some potos. Some even climbed on top of us so we could get the perfect shot!  Afterwards we had some free time to enjoy the duty-free shopping and have lunch with our friends. Stayed tuned for more exciting adventures….