Our last week in Cádiz!

It’s hard to believe that our time in Cádiz has ended! It’s been a month of new experiences, new friends, and great memories. On Wednesday we had a picnic at a hacienda in the countryside with a small bullring. Some of the students went into the ring to try their hand waving the bullfighting cape….against young cows, of course….no horns!  Afterwards we ate and danced!

In class, the students finished up their video documentary and took their final exam. Thursday and Friday allowed the students some free time to spend with their Spanish families and say their goodbyes, as well as to visit any favorite spots in Cádiz for the last time. Last night we had our final dinner and celebration with our Spanish host families, professors, and activities teachers. It was a beautiful evening.  We’re sure the students are looking forward to seeing their American families again, but we’ll be sorry to see them go! It’s been a great group and a great month here in Cádiz.