A Summer in Florence is no boar!

Last weekend, some students took the opportunity to spend Sunday visiting the outlet malls! Just 45 minutes outside of Florence, we took a fancy shuttle bus to reach, The Mall. At The Mall, you can find all the top designer brands for reduced prices! As soon as we arrived, the shoppers were running off the bus to get the deals…and they didn’t stop until 5 hours later! All were pleased with their purchases and can’t wait to show off the goods stateside soon!

On Monday night, some students opted into a Secrets of Florence night walk, programmed through the university. We met Johnny, our tour guide, who walked us around the city center and explained the stories behind some odd statues, drawings and buildings. Our favorite, however, was learning that you can make a wish with a wild boar! But, your wish will only come true if you launch your coin from the boar’s mouth to the drain below. If you miss, no wish!

Finally, here are our final RA group photos that we took this week for our yearbook, which is almost ready to print! These groups have become so close it is going to be hard to say goodbye…in just 3 days! Wow, time flies!

We have a lot of exciting end of course activities planned and we can’t wait to show the pictures we collect! Ciao!