“Caccia” me if you can!

We began the course at the beginning of July with a scavenger hunt challenge so the students would get to know the city in a fun way. They had to decipher the meaning of clever clues and navigate their way to key sights and landmarks that they would later need to know by heart throughout the summer. The first scavenger hunt was such a success and our students have come to know the city so well that we decided to put them up to a new challenge. We set the bar higher with clues to less known landmarks and photo challenges such as, “high five strangers,” or, “take a picture with someone’s pet.” You can take a look at the full scavenger hunt below.

Here is Team 1 and the pictures and tasks they were able to accomplish during the allotted time:

And here is Team 2 with their entry:

Who should win?? So many great pictures! Both teams ended the race with a ride on the carousel.


Scavenger Hunt

Rules: Each team has 1 hour to complete as many of the challenges as possible. You will document each challenge by taking a picture of it, showing at least one member of your team. The staff will judge the pictures on creativity, and for each challenge completed, teams will get 1, 2, or 3 points (best gets 3 points, 2nd best gets 2 points, 3rd best gets 1 point), plus 1 bonus point for any picture including their whole team. The team with the most points wins!

Riddle challenges—Find these Florence-specific landmarks and get a picture with them.

  1. Feed me money, rub my snout

Watch the money tumble out.

Your greatest wish you’ll surely gain,

If it falls into the drain.

  1. Find the doodled face on the palazzo wall

that Michelangelo got bored and scrawled.

  1. This Italian author is popular as hell,

His “Inferno” is where naughty students dwell.*

Adventure challenges—complete each task and document it with a picture. How you accomplish these is up to your interpretation of the challenge and your imagination. Interaction with the locals is encouraged (but as always, be polite!). The more creative, clever, cute (etc.) your picture, the more points you can get!

  1. High-five a stranger.
  2. Find some cool street art.
  3. Find the smallest alley in town.
  4. Florence’s name comes from the Latin root for “flower”—get a picture of one team member giving a flower (of any kind!) to a teammate or teammates.
  5. Sit on a horse.
  6. Ask for a picture with a street musician.
  7. Ask for a picture with someone’s pet.
  8. Get a view of the Duomo from somewhere up high.