Italy has a Pisa our hearts!

On Saturday, students took a trip to visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa! We found out that the tower was built on marshy land so all of the buildings are slanted, not just the tower, though it is the most pronounced. The tower was built by at least three different architects in three different stages. The second two architects both tried to correct the lean with little success. Finally, in the 90s, much of the soil on the north side of the tower was removed to correct the lean by 6 inches. Today the tower is stable, though still definitely inclined!

After taking the iconic Pisa pictures, students had lunch and explored the town. Others met back to check out the duomo and take a tour with Charlie. We also went inside the baptistry where you can go up to the second floor and look down into the baptismal font. It was a fun day checking out Pisa and taking some memorable pictures!