Lights, camera, action!

In Cádiz, the students have been working on their very own plays! Your sons and daughters worked in groups and had the opportunity to write their very own guión (script) and then act it out with props on a stage! ¡Qué divertido! How fun!

This was indeed a special week because we also got the chance to celebrate a cumpleaños! Happy Birthday Eve!
Evening activities are also going very well. In surfing, everyone is standing up on the boards. Manuel brought his guitar for some musical accompaniment while we took breaks on the shore.
In cooking class we made pollo empanado (a breaded chicken dish) and for dessert we each got a chance to decorate our own mini cakes.
Today in class the students learned about the history of Seville and Córdoba. Tomorrow we embark on our overnight journey to these two fascinating cities that are both so important in the development and history of Spain. Stay tuned for updates and photos from the trip!