On our way to Córdoba!

Today we woke up early and headed to Córdoba. Córdoba has gone through many rulers from an Iberian city, to a Roman city, and then the capital of the Islamic civilazation in Spain. During the 10th and 11th century it was the most populous city in the world and became the intellectual center of Europe. This period was characterized by remarkable success in trade and culture. The city was captured by King Ferdinand III during the Spanish Reconquest, however, the Islamic and Roman influences are still very apparent today. Our first stop was a tour around the old Jewish neighborhoods characterized by narrow cobblestone streets adorned with flower pots and small entrances leading way to beautful patios. ¡Qué interesante!
After some free time to soak up the culture and grab a bite to eat, your sons and daughters will visit The Great Mosque of Córdoba / La Mezquita at night! The entire room will be dark and then an arch or important artifact will be lit up with a voice giving an explanation of its importance. All of this while traditional Arabic music is heard in the background. The Mezquita held a place of great importance amongst the Islamic community of al-Andalus (the former name of Andalucia) for three centuries – that’s 300 years! It was the heart and central focus of the city. This catedral/ mosque, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is quite impressive. The students are sure in for a treat tonight! Stay tuned for photos and more details.

Yesterday in Cádiz the photography class met up at an art exhibit to take pictures.

Then we met up with the rest of the group to take a walk around Cádiz and grab something to eat.