Un’altra settimana en Firenze!

This week we have had so many great activities to check out and places to visit in Florence. Monday through Wednesday students rotated through activities including a visit to Santa Maria Novella Church, the Leonardo di Vinci museum and the Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy.

In our visit to Santa Maria Novella Church, Charlie toured us around and talk specifically about the magnificent art housed in this church. We had the opportunity to see a restoration taking place and we talked about its significance to the church and the history about why not all works were well preserved. It is a beautiful church with some amazing history!

Another activity was a visit to the Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy. It is the oldest (still running) pharmacy in the world. It is stunning inside with displays of old bottles and medicine cabinets but also sells some deliciously fragranced treatments today. Students did some shopping (hopefully for their parents!) and ended up with candles, lotions, perfumes and more. It was such a nice place to visit with a lot of history but modern appeal as well.

Finally, students had the option of visiting the Leonardo di Vinci museum. For once, we went to a museum where touching everything was not only permitted, but encouraged! Students were able to test some replicas of Leonardo’s designs and theories. It was a great first-hand view into the genius of this man and what inventions he thought up that we still use today!

On Tuesday night, there was a Bastille Day Bash in Florence in Piazza Ognissanti. They had a DJ playing music all night and crepes being prepared to order! By 9pm, the square was packed with people rocking out to classic hits, singing along and breaking only to grab another crepe. It was a very fun way to spend a Tuesday night!