Weekend Trips in England

We’ve had a busy weekend with trips to London and Blenheim Palace, as well as a ton of activities!

First London Trip! 
Yesterday we finally got our first truly sunny day just in time for our first trip to London.  Students had the chance to see and hear about many London landmarks from our tour guides, had the opportunity to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, and explored the Covent Garden market area for lunch and souvenirs.  With the warmer weather, many Summerfuel students were spotted with gelato in hand as they watched street performers!
Last night we celebrated Oxford’s Annual Alice Day (of Alice in Wonderland fame) with garden games outside and a tea party inside.

Blenheim Palace

After getting to sleep in and work on their assignments, we took a short bus trip to Woodstock to visit the birthplace and boyhood home of Winston Churchill — Blenheim Palace. Besides having historical significance, it’s also a beautiful building with a splendid pleasure garden where students can get lost in a hedge maze or enjoy an ice cream cone. And there really wasn’t a better day to visit; the wind was cool and the sun was bright!

When we got back, we threw a party dedicated to notable alumni of Oxford. Quotes covered the walls and students wore the official colors of Lady Margaret Hall while dancing with their friends and singing along to some of their favorite songs. Here are some highlights: