Talent Show Extravaganza!

Hello from Yale!

At 8pm last night, students and staff filled up Sudler Hall to watch their friends show off their skills. We couldn’t believe the talent and we were so glad they shared! Congratulations to our winners – Amanda Fazio, Joe Manuel, Alessandro Zito, and David Li!! Please check Flickr later today for all of the pictures from the talent show and have fun watching the videos below!

Alessandro and David – Party Rock

Joe – Juggling

Jimena – Flamenco

David – I’m Yours/Pricetag

Alessandro & Megan – Hamlet

Amanda – Acapella

Megan, Araceli and Amanda – RA Impersonations

Amanda & RA Kyle – Adele

Megan – Teach me how to Dougie

Jeronimo – Original Song

RA Kyle – Backflip!


Until next time!

Marissa Bates, Residential Life Director