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Meet your Resident Advisors

Hey Summerfulers! We are getting closer and closer to your arrival here at Stanford. The next step in the preparation process will be your Resident Advisors (RAs) arriving and getting settled in. They will spend the rest of the week preparing your summer home with welcoming decorations, getting the ball rolling on some awesome summer activities and becoming acquainted with Stanford’s Campus and Palo Alto so that they can ensure you have the best summer of your life.

Wondering what an RA is? RAs on the Social Enterprise program are campus leaders dedicated to sharing their knowledge and collegiate experience with a motivated group of high school students. RAs are all rising college seniors or recent college graduates and are hired with the greatest care. RAs fill the role of mentors, supporting students academically and socially in order to make the program the best it can be. Each RA will work closely with a group of ten to eleven high school students.

Read the Bio’s Below to gets to know the RAs before you arrive!

Sana Amin, Resident Advisor

Sana is excited for her first summer with Summerfuel. Born in California and raised between Seattle, Mumbai and Doha, she calls many cities her home. With a special interest in global health and social impact work, she is keen on discovering a career that combines both of her passions. She enjoys using her free time to try new restaurants and discover old bookstores. As an avid traveller, she’s studied in Abu Dhabi, New York, London, Berlin and Florence over the past four years. She recently graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi and can’t wait to begin her next adventure at Stanford.


Robert Yule, Resident Advisor

Rob is excited to begin his first summer as an RA for Summerfuel! He is a Civil and Environmental Engineering student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Rob is also pursuing a minor in Sustainability as he is passionate about the well-being and health of the world’s resources, societies, and people. He is a collegiate member of the Navy and is looking forward to working on Civil Engineering projects all over the world when he graduates college next spring. When not studying, Rob enjoys skiing, hiking, fitness, and reading. His favorite genres are science fiction and history. He is from Plymouth, Massachusetts.


Daylin Davis, Resident Advisor

Daylin will be teaming up with summerfuel as a residence advisor for his first summer at Stanford. Daylin is from the Washington D.C Metropolitan Area. Daylin was a two sport collegiate athlete playing soccer & basketball. He received his Associates Degree in General Science at West Virginia University & is working on his Bachelors Degree at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He enjoys sports, traveling, & photography.


Shannon Lee, Resident Advisor

Shannon is looking forward to spending her first summer at Stanford and her first time on the west coast this July! She was an RA for two years at University of New England in southern Maine, where she was able to hike mountains, explore port towns, and of course many northeast beaches and lighthouses! During her undergraduate years she also studied abroad in Seville Spain and served as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer at a local elementary school working closely with English language learning students. Some of her biggest passions are hiking, traveling, running, yoga, and holistic health. Shannon just finished her master’s degree in Health and Wellness Management and hopes to develop health programs serving underprivileged communities and youth in our country or beyond. The Summerfuel Social Enterprise program at Stanford University was of particular interest to Shannon, for her passion and education in social issues and global concerns. She is enthusiastic to support, encourage and assist in the development of leadership skills to the students that she will be mentoring for beyond this program. She cannot wait to meet and get to know everyone this summer and is looking forward to all of the fun and adventures we will experience together!

Stay tuned! Soon we will be updating the bios for the Faculty you will have the pleasure of working with this summer.

Senior Staff Explores San Francisco!

Your Senior Staff hit the ground running, exploring San Francisco today. Enjoy some of the pictures below from an amazing adventure!




Meet your Senior Staff!

Meet your Senior Staff!

Chad Wolf, Program Director

Chad is excited to start his ninth summer with Summerfuel, this being his sixth summer as a Director and his third at Stanford. When he isn’t at Summerfuel he teaches World Geography and loves to travel, go hiking and eat delicious food. His goal for this year’s program is to use diverse experiences and enthusiasm of every staff member and student to create an amazing three weeks!



Kenny Obiora, Assistant Director

Kenny is excited to take on his second summer at Stanford after serving on the Summerfuel Nice team for three summers! He is also the Assistant director at the CABerkeley program. He is originally from Wisconsin with Nigerian roots. Kenny recently completed his MBA in Paris, France where he currently lives. He is working for a Healthcare startup. During his free time, he enjoys cooking, traveling, playing tennis and most of all binging on Netflix! 


Morghan Hungerford, Activities Director

Morghan is excited to start her fifth summer with Summerfuel, this being her third summer as the Activities Director at Stanford. From a tiny town in the Washington, DC area, when she isn’t teaching elementary school, she loves playing on her county’s kickball team, coaching for Special Olympics, hanging out with her dogs and traveling. Morghan is currently working on her Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  

Students for Social Change – Athena Reflects

In 2016, Athena M. from Florida attended Summerfuel’s Social Enterprise program, now held at Stanford University. Not only did she broaden her horizons by meeting students from all over the world, but she learned just how important social issues are to her. We know she will excel in college and make a fantastic journalist. Take a peek at what she had to say about her time with Summerfuel:

“I am currently a senior in high school, applying for colleges! I am applying mostly to schools in the Northeast, and hope to attend Tufts or Syracuse. In 2016, I attended the Summerfuel Social Entrepreneurship Program at Georgetown, and had an amazing time there. My favorite aspect of Summerfuel was probably getting the chance to meet so many international students. To this day, I still talk to some of them, including two friends from Honduras and one from New Jersey!

The program really helped me realize my passion for social issues and worldly perspectives, and that is what I want to incorporate into my future career as a journalist. I am passionate about women’s, black, and human rights, and I have even volunteered on political campaigns, raising awareness for these issues. Thank you!”

-Athena M., Florida

A Bittersweet Ending

2018 Summerfuel Stanford has officially come to a close. All of the students (& staff) have departed and are moving on to enjoy the remainder of their summer! Everyone had an amazing time and we can tell that there are many life long friendships that formed this summer.

The best part of the summer was seeing the student’s final pitches. Each group worked so hard to create meaningful entrepreneurship ventures! Below you will find out a little bit about each pitch!

These are in the order they were pitched to the Judges:

Street Lights

Justin, Shirley, and Leonardo

Storm Chasers

Chris, Laura, Yoan, Deven

Education Nation

Tia, Cooper, Johan, Pavel

We Hope

Marta, Jared, Thierry, Aisha


Mariana, Victor, Taisiya

Ukraine Side by Side

Fendi, Vitali, Giulia


Sam, Aladin, Felipe, Richie

Smart Ogorod


Urban Fresh

Allegra, Abelino, Grigory


Arne, Ryan, William


Louis, Alex, Paula, Chloe

Fugly Fruits

Venezia, Fillipo, Albert


William, Martin, Arkar, Chotiya

Future Excel

Bernardo, Martina, Diana, Andres

Future Generation

Federico, Felipe, Diego

The judges were incredibly impressed by each and every pitch that was made. They had a hard time but chose a first, second and third place, as well as a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Fugly Fruits – Venezia, Fillipo, Albert

Smart Ogorod – Makar

Third Place – Empower – Louis, Alex, Paula, Chloe

Second Place – Insecting – William, Martin, Arkar, Chotiya

First Place – Naturalis – Sam, Aladin, Felipe, Richie

We hope everyone had an amazing Summerfuel Summer! See you next year!!!

Snacks and Final Pitches

Wednesday was all about getting the students ready for their final pitch. Some students met with their teachers to practice one last time. While they worked the kids munched on snacks and drinks to fuel their minds!

Mr. and Ms. Summerfuel!

Today was another packed day of fun! Students have continued to prepare their pitches, which will be this Thursday! During the afternoon, Rodney, one of our RAs, led meditation, and finally we had Mr. and Ms. Summerfuel in the evening. Students made outfits and had a fashion show!

San Francisco!

Today was our second trip to San Francisco! Students were able to have a picnic lunch at the iconic Alamo Square. This photogenic hilltop has appeared in numerous TV and film productions, such as the sitcom ‘Full House.’ From there, we went to Union Square, where students were able to shop, eat and listen to great music!