San Francisco

What our students have been up to in the classroom

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of Week 2! At the end of last week, students met with their ally action groups and selected a key global issue for their class project. Topics range from education, recycling, and obesity to child labor, nuclear energy, and teenage homelessness.

This week, we dove right into strategic planning. Students learned and debated key concepts such as visions, missions, goals, and objectives. They challenged themselves by giving impromptu speeches on their projects in front of their class and interviewing other groups to identify the strengths and weakness of their classmates’ campaigns. They also turned to their creative side to come up with a slogan and to brainstorm creative ways to express their group’s message.

Two guest speakers joined us this week. Pamela Fong, from Safe Passages, discussed challenges in the public education system in Oakland, CA. Anna Sidana, the Founder and CEO of One Million Lights, talked about the lack of safe, clean lighting in impoverished areas. She shared some inspiring stories of young leaders making a difference and encouraged our students to get involved in bringing about social change.

This weekend, Austin Keeley, our guest speaker from last Friday, will be returning to campus to conduct a workshop for many of our students, who expressed interest in starting a chapter of FACE AIDS at their high schools. Next week, students will be busy improving their verbal and written communication skills to prepare for the Press Conference and Campaign Fair scheduled on July 19th and 20th!