San Francisco

Santa Cruz

Yesterday, the students took a trip down to Santa Cruz! Students ate at local restaurants, some went shopping, others tried out the amusement rides, and everyone enjoyed the beach!

The Stakes Were High Tonight!

This evening was our annual Casino night. The students had a fun time playing traditional Casino games as well as some extra card games, bingo and more! The night was complete with a fun photo booth, good music, a Roaring 20s theme, food and Mocktails! It was a fun night had by all!


Talent Show!

Today was an exciting day! A group of students were able to attend a Social Enterprise event with speakers who are experts at creating sustainable enterprise ventures. One of our teachers, Neetal, presented a workshop at the event!

There was also a talent show here at the home headquarters. The students (and some staff) enjoyed showing off their mad skills in singing, dancing, magic and guitar playing to their fellow Summerfuelers! Our Director, Chad, showed off his best talent as well, delivering pizza, to the well-deserving winner! It was a great Thursday here at Stanford.

Students at the event talking about social enterprise.

Neetal, one of our Faculty, presenting at the event.

Checking out the booths at the event.

Thinking about how much we have learned about social enterprise.

A Magic trick is happening.

AMAZED by the magic!

More Magic!

We do not let skinned knees keep us from a great show!

A true talent – Napping!

Director by day, Pizza delivery guy after events!

Great performers!

RA Night is the Best Night

RA night was an adventure for all of the RA groups. The girls had a spa night complete with face masks, mani/pedis and a movie with snacks. The boys enjoyed movies, video games and a shopping trip downtown for snacks! It was a successful Tuesday night here in Stanford.

The day also included time doing laundry here on campus as well as a trip to the Haas House (A Social Enterprise Center) and the offices for a leading Social Enterprise Magazine!

S’More fun at Stanford

On Tuesday we had a great time at the fire pit on the lake! The kids had fun making S’Mores, playing lawn games and enjoying the amazing weather at Stanford!

Summerfuel World Cup

Monday nights evening activity included a fun Soccer/Football Tournament.

The boys split into four teams and after 4 fierce games the team named ROLEX came out victorious!

After the boys had their go the girls stepped up to play their own game (just one)! The team named PAULA won for the girls! It sure was a fun night of Soccer/Football!

San Francisco Views!

Sunday was a perfect day in the city! We started our adventure into San Francisco by visiting Vista Point – a location with a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge. While there the students were presented with a “challenge by choice” to WALK the two miles across the bridge, or ride the two miles on the bus. EVERY student took the challenge and partook in the amazing opportunity to walk across one of the worlds most famous bridges.

After breathtaking views on the bridge and then again from the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center (the other side from where we were dropped off) we ventured into the City. Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square. The remainder of the day was spent at these historic places eating a Cali Classic (In and Out Burger), checking out the Seals at the Pier, gazing upon (yet another) incredible view of the Golden Gate Bridge and having yummy milk shakes and ice cream cones! It sure was a weekend to remember!

Our Friday was ‘Glowing’ and Six Flags was a Blast!!!

Friday was an exciting end to our first week here at Stanford. The students had both morning and afternoon classes where they finally got into their final project teams and were able to get the creative juices flowing about their groups social enterprise pitch. After classes many students headed down to the mall for some shopping while others hung back to play board games or play basketball.

The evening activity was one of student request. They asked if we could get them a field to play games like soccer and capture the flag in. The only thing that made those field games more exciting was giving the students over 2,000 glow sticks to wear while they ran around playing fast paced soccer and capture the flag. We also brought out some American classics – corn hole, can jam and so many other awesome games. It was truly an exciting and ‘glowing’ evening in Stanford.

We ended the evening with our nightly floor meetings. In Sigma Nu (The Girls Building) they were able to share their highs and lows from the day while munching on yummy snacks in a tent made out of sheets and blankets!

Our first weekend trip took us to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom! The students had a great time riding rides, wandering around the zoo and checking out the aquatic animal exhibits. After a Picnic Lunch at the park and some late night rides the students returned to Stanford for a well deserved good nights rest!