International Business


Business-focused courses are becoming increasingly popular for high school and college-aged students. Whether they intend to enter the business world when they begin their careers or introduce themselves to concepts that will make them more prepared for careers in other fields like medicine, education or government, student recognize that a solid preparation in business skills will set them up to be more productive members of society.

In an increasingly global world, it is not enough to study business in the US. To be truly marketable, an introduction to business abroad is essential. But how do you get this experience?

Start in High School

Get a solid background in international business by enrolling in an international business program abroad. Summerfuel Barcelona offers a top-tier business, entrepreneurship and Spanish courses in partnership with the top business school in Spain, ESADE. Summerfuel also offers business courses at its programs in Oxford and Florence.

Learn with Students From Around the World

It can be incredibly helpful to get out of your day-to-day bubble and hear the perspectives and experience of  students from around the world, even if you choose to stay in the US. You will exposed to many new world views in undergrad, but you can also start in high school. All of Summerfuel’s Pre-College and Social Entrepreneurship programs offer business concentrations, most notably the Pre-Business Institute at Tufts, and attract students from all over the world every summer.

Find an International Internship

While it may be hard to find paid work outside of the US because of visa limitations, you may be eligible for work in exchange for academic credit once you are in undergrad. You may also consider applying for internships for international companies and non-profits in the US to get a better feel for international work cultures.


This list is by no means exhaustive. Opportunities to engage with the international business community in the US and abroad are diverse and plentiful if you only look!