Final projects, Museums, Socrates Sculture Park, Escape Room

Wow! If you can’t tell by the headline, today was a jam-packed day of awesome activities. In class, students presented their final group project in which they shared 10 pieces of art that they would use to form a collection. Veronique, the academic director at Christie’s Education, asked that they choose pieces around a theme of their choice and that some pieces fit the theme literally and some metaphorically. The themes they chose were Ethnicity, Reflection, and Light It was fascinating to hear their reasoning behind each piece they selected.

Next up was the Museum of the Moving Image. This museum paid homage to film, cartoons, actors, etc. It was a very hands-on museum. The students especially enjoyed being able to create their own Muppet and their own puppet show in the Jim Henson exhibition. It was also captivating to see some of the outfits, wigs, and makeup that actors have worn in their various roles.

Then, we visited a second museum today: the Noguchi Museum. The Noguchi Museum is housed in the former workspace of Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi. After that, we walked just across the street to the Socrates Sculpture park. We were able to take in the amazing views of the Manhattan skyline while lounging in the park.

After dinner, we rounded out the evening with a trip to Clue Chase–an escape room in Midtown. Although students did not successfully escape, they earned a ton of points and had a good time. That’s what’s most important, right?

Tomorrow is our last full day, and we’re closing the program in a big way: a panel of street artists, a tour of New York City street art, and a final group dinner in Brooklyn!